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I founded Pricc in 2019 after I was hugely helped by acupuncture and eastern medicine during a period of illness.

Victorine, Founder of Pricc
It felt like the practice was still stuck in the past and I was frustrated by the acupuncture options out there for working professionals. So, I set out to create my own. I thought that by creating a great experience at a good price point, the practice will reach many more people.
More importantly, health doesn’t always need to be so serious or complicated. I’ve taken out the woo woo and created an experience that makes looking and feeling your best easy and fun.
The first location of Pricc opened in Notting Hill in October 2021. Hopefully this is the first of many locations, and contributes to my mission to get more people to experience how incredible the benefits of acupuncture are!

Pricc would be nothing without the amazing practitioners that make up the team, and you will get to see first hand how talented and passionate they are. If you have any questions or feedback please email me. I would love to hear from you (even If you hate it)!

Our Practitioners

With modern treatment rooms, welcoming staff and complimentary tea, Pricc is the perfect place to reset and rebalance.

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