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Acupuncture for anxiety and stress

Anxiety is an emotional response to stress where you may feel fearful, worried or apprehensive about something. 

Feelings of dread or panic, irrational or racing thoughts are common for those with anxiety. Anxiety sufferers will avoid certain situations or people to prevent an anxiety episode. 

It can also manifest as physical changes in the body such as muscle tension, shallow breathing, increased heart rate, sweating and shaking. 

Acupuncture can be incredibly effective at relieving anxiety symptoms. 

Acupuncture for anxiety works by:

- Down-regulating the body’s stress response by balancing neurotransmitters and hormones. 

- Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to initiate the relaxation response.

- Calming the frontal lobe of the brain, responsible for analysing things and responsible for anxiety and worries.

- Regulating the release of inflammatory markers and chemicals which are associated with anxiety.

- Reversing the effects of stress-induced behavioural and biochemical changes that are triggered when someone experiences anxiety.

Most anxiety-sufferers respond well to acupuncture and find it a very effective modality to use as part of their treatment plan. The number of acupuncture sessions you’ll require depends on your personal constitution, medical history, the severity and occurrence of your anxiety and how quickly your body responds to the acupuncture treatment. 

The mental or physical tension that occurs in response to stress creates a blockage or form of Qi ( chee ) or energy stagnation according to Chinese Medicine, that affects particular areas of the body and mind. Often the neck, shoulders and jaw muscles physically become tense, feeling tight. The stagnation resulting from stress can also lead to a form of heat in the body and excess energy that rises to the upper body, similar to the concept of pressure building up inside a corked bottle.

People commonly report feeling calm and relaxed during and after acupuncture treatment.  Research has shown that acupuncture can significantly benefit anxiety disorders (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), stress and anxiety symptoms. In addition, the effects of acupuncture for anxiety and stress have been shown to be long lasting and without the same side effects experienced from taking medication according to some studies.

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