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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling involves inserting several filiform needles into the body’s “trigger points” (or knotted areas) to help increase blood flow and relieve muscle pain, spasms, or tension. These treatments are primarily used to treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions – such as muscle pain,  myofascial pain syndrome as well as common sports injuries.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); a complete medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses for more than 2,000 years. 

It is believed that there is a life force or energy, known as Qi (pronounced "chee"), in everybody and everything. It is based on a belief in yin and yang has to be balanced and so Qi must be flowing freely alongs meridians body. When Qi is blocked, it causes illness. The goal of an acupuncture treatment is to balance and promoting the natural flow of it.

Acupuncture stimulates specific points by gently inserting fine needles into your skin along the meridians of energy running through the body. Doing so elicits a physiological response, stimulating the nervous system. This triggers the body to release chemicals and hormones that affect how we feel and influence other parts of the body's regulatory system, muscles, and connective tissue to release endorphins  and help your body relax.


  • Both involve puncturing the skin with fine needles to needle specific body’s points 
  • Both elicit a physiological response 
  • Both can provide pain relief
  • Both are alternative forms of medicine


  • Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years; Dry needling is relatively new
  • Acupuncture stems out from Eastern medicine; Dry needling from Western medicine
  • Acupuncture has short- and long-term benefits; Dry needling has short-term benefits
  • Acupuncture prioritises person’s rute causes, not the problem; Dry needling prioritises the problem.
  • Acupuncture is backed by years of scientific research; Research is limited on the efficiency of dry needling
  • Acupuncture treats physical and mental issues by altering brain chemistry; Dry needling primarily treats physical conditions by releasing tension
  • Acupuncture is performed by licensed acupuncturists only; Dry needling is performed by some chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors.
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