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Getting Pricc'ed is easy

With an easy online booking system, digital treatment records and transparent pricing, we make it easy for you to look and feel your best, the natural way. Select your type of treatment and length, choose your add-ons, and let us take care of the rest!

Acupuncture Treatments

Whether you want to balance your hormones or finally find a solution for your migraines, we’re here to help. Don’t worry too much about which one you choose as each treatment is completely custom and based on your individual concerns and health history!

The Chill Pill

For those who are stressed, anxious, depressed or want relief from insomnia.

The Vitamin P

Get sick less! For those who want to regulate their immunity or get it back up after a period of illness.

The Pain in the A$$

Designed to treat pain related symptoms, such as migraines and headaches, muscle and back pain or TMJ.

The Facial Nip/Tuck

On top of facial acupuncture, the treatment includes facial massage, gua sha, facial cupping and a face mask for the best results, leaving you sculpted and rejuvenated.

Women Run the World

Geared towards women’s health and concerns including hormonal imbalances, period pain, fertility and irregular cycles.

The General Pricc

Don’t know what you want to come in for? Or have symptoms that don’t necessarily fall into one of these areas? Book in and let the practitioner use their expertise.

Initial treatment

At your first appointment, the practitioner will go over your health history, current concerns and any questions. That way we can personalize your treatment plan just for you! Based on the consultation you will then get a 30 minute treatment and advice about a treatment plan.

30 minutes

Designed for those who want results but have less time. Perfect for a quick energy boost or lunch-time relaxation. It's not suitable for facial acupuncture.

45 minutes

The perfect in between for those who want a more in-depth treatment, but can't take an hour out of their day. Particularly advised for those coming in with musco-skeletal concerns or that have several issues they want addressed.

60 minutes

Ideal if you want a more comprehensive treatment and longer consultation with the practitioner. Advised for those who have more complex health concerns.
Required for facial acupuncture.

Our Other Treatments

For those who want to enhance their treatment or want to try something different than acupuncture, we offer a range of other modalities that help your mental and physical wellbeing.


Treatment add-on: £15
Full session (30min): £50
Cupping involves placing round, glass suction cups on your body in specific areas. Cupping has been used as a healing practice for centuries and benefits include improved blood circulation, detoxification, pain and muscle tension relief and scar appearance. Add it to your acupuncture treatment for greater results, or book a stand alone session!

Please note that the cups can leave marks on your skin for a few days after the treatment.

Ear Seeds

Treatment add-on: £10
Ear seeding is similar to auricular acupuncture, but without needles. Tiny metallic beads on stickers are placed on points in the ear that correspond to parts of your body. When stimulating these points you activate the vagus nerve, stimulating the brain and nervous system. Ear seeding is particularly effective for those suffering from anxiety, migraines or weight problems. Add it to your treatment so you can prolong the results, or buy a pack of ear seeds to use in your own time.

LED Light Therapy

Treatment add-on: £25
Full session (30min): £50
LED light therapy effectively improves skin health, reduces acne and rejuvenates skin cells. The Dermalux machine used at Pricc has three different light settings (red, blue and near-infrared) to target different skin concerns. Combine an LED light session with acupuncture to target skin and body simultaneously and get the most out of your slot. Or, book an LED session on its own for weekly maintenance and relaxation.

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Getting Pricc’ed for the first time?

We want to make sure that your appointments are as relaxed and beneficial for you as possible. Follow these simple steps for the best results.

We want to make sure that your appointments are as relaxed and beneficial for you as possible. Before your visit to Pricc, these are some suggestions to follow for the best experience.

  • Fill in the health questionnaire we have sent you
  • Avoid having caffeine a few hours before your session
  • Try and arrive five minutes before the start of your appointment
  • Relax

Make yourself at home in the treatment room. The practitioner will talk to you about your concerns, health history and, if you have been to Pricc before, look at what your previous appointments covered. First, they will do a tongue and pulse check and you will lie down. Depending on your appointment length, treat the points and leave you for 20-30 minutes.

Once the time is up the practitioner will come and check you are ok, discuss any other relevant information and a recommended treatment plan and let you get ready.

  • Help yourself to some herbal tea
  • Book your next appointment already if the practitioner has given you a treatment plan
  • Try not to do strenuous exercise until the day after your appointment, and limit alcohol
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