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“Morning Wood” Candle

Frankincense and myrrh scented candle


Moxa stick

Individually wrapped Smokeless moxa stick


Gua Sha Tool

Jade gua sha tool with Pricc logo


Pricc Gift Cards

Pricc e-gift card available in either £60 (initial treatment), or £90 (60 mins)



“Morning Wood” Candle

A cosy candle with notes of frankincense, tuberose, violets, myrrh and amber.

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Silk Eye Mask

100% silk emerald green eye mask


“Big Wick Energy” Candle

Black orchid and lotus wood scented candle


“Grow a Pair” Candle

Pear and freesia scented candle


Denim Caps

Branded denim caps in green, light blue or dark blue


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